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  Circuit Breakers are one of the critical “safety-valves” of electrical systems and basic maintenance procedures are essential to maintain maximum reliability.

Effective circuit breaker maintenance requires well-organized, accurate testing. The ability to accurately compare circuit breaker tests with previous test results is essential. It is, therefore, imperative to conduct tests in exactly the same way and under the same conditions as those conducted earlier. Comparison can then provide a clear picture of any deviations and changes, thereby indicating whether or not the circuit breaker should be kept in operation or taken out of service for further investigation.

Comprehensive, accurate testing also requires analytical tools and efficient reporting. It must be possible to validate test results in detail and then easily compare them with other test results.

The TM1800 test set, EGIL test set, and CABA Win software program have earned a benchmark reputation in circuit breaker analysis
Megger B10E Trip coil testerMegger B10E Trip coil tester 5710190-MGGR-B10
Megger EGIL Circuit breaker analyzerMegger EGIL Circuit breaker analyzer 5710190-MGGR-GIL
Megger-PCA2 On-load protection condition aMegger-PCA2 On-load protection condition a 5710190-MGGR-PCA2
Megger SDRM201 Resistance Measurement for EGIMegger SDRM201 Resistance Measurement for EGI 5710190-MGGR-SDRM201
Megger SDRM202 Resistance Measurement for TMMegger SDRM202 Resistance Measurement for TM 5710190-MGGR-SDRM202
Megger TM1700 Circuit breaker analyzerMegger TM1700 Circuit breaker analyzer 5710190-MGGR-TM1700
Megger TM1800 Circuit breaker analyzerMegger TM1800 Circuit breaker analyzer 5710190-MGGR-TM1800
Megger VIDAR Vacuum interrupter testerMegger VIDAR Vacuum interrupter tester 5710190-MGGR-VIDAR